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Once you log-on, you will be taken to an electronic version of the Subagreement Request Form. You have the option to complete the form in its entirety and submit. Or, you can save it, review, edit and submit at later time. This system is designed so that Administrative Personnel can assist with data input, but only the Principal Investigator will be able to submit the request to OSPA. This serves in place of the PI's "Signature" to authorize the Subagreement.

Log Out

When you click on “Log-Out”, you will be sent back to the “Log-In” screen.
Re-enter your User Name and Password to Enter a New Request.

You may exit the On-Line Sub Agreement Request Input Screen by closing your web browser, but, any data entries you have made will not be saved automatically..

To Save your data, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Save Data, Do Not Send to OSPA” button.


This feature is designed to populate the UK Invoice Contact Information so you do not have to re-key the data for the UK Account # / WBS Element you enter. You still have the ability to change data in any Invoice Contact Information field.

Subaward a Continuation?

Some awards and their subawards receive a new Account # / WBS Element each year. If you click “Yes,” a window will open asking you to provide the previous year’s Account # / WBS Element for the subaward.

If your award retains the same Account # / WBS Element number, then click “No.”

Is the award you received the First Year of a New Competing Segment? Click “Yes,” then enter the prior competing segment Account # / WBS Element.

This question has been added to assist OSPA in determing which General Ledger code (530200, 530201) should be used to create and/or amend the Purchase Order associated with the subaward.

Send to OSPA

After you click “Send to OSPA,” you will receive a confirmation message that your Sub Agreement Request has been sent to OSPA.

As long as you have entered a correct account number, you will be able to view your entry using “Search all Subageements,” but, you will not be able to make any further changes.

If you cannot retrieve your entry, contact the Subawards Administrator at, or by calling 859-257-9420, identifying the date, approximate time of submission, and account number you attempted to use.

What to do if you've already sent your request, but you know you have errors.
Should you find you have errors in an entry you have sent to OSPA, do not attempt to resubmit. Rather, contact the Subawards Administrator at, or by calling 859-257-9420, identifying the date, approximate time of submission, and the account number you used. Provide details about the errors you’ve made. The Subawards Administrator can help you with the corrections.