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Computer Access Form

Complete this form to acquire new user accounts for the systems maintained by Research Information Services. Fill in employee information and answer all sections. Click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom when complete. Required fields are marked with an asterisks.

Ad Account: Required if emp without AD acct is not checked!      
New employee without AD account:  
*Birthdate: MM/DD/YYYY  
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*First Name:    
Middle Name:  
*Start Date: MM/DD/YYYY     
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*Employee Rm# and Bldg:    
*Model this new account after:  

All persons with a logon id to Research servers have a private portion of disk space designated under a HOME folder that is viewable by only that person and the systems administration staff. When that person leaves, his/her HOME directory will be deleted, however, files under his/her HOME directory must first be removed. Please indicate how those files, if any, should be disposed of by making the appropriate selection.

If other explain: (Required if "Other" is slecteded)

Previous Employment End Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)

Previous employee end date is required if "Move to new user," "Move to dept mgr," "Delete," or "Other" is selected

E-mail Access: Research Information Services will request an e-mail account from the Computing Center for a new user.

Create new e-mail account:
If no, provide existing e-mail account:  Required if "Create new e-mail acct if NO" is selected

Research Network Access: The Research Network file/print server will allow the user to store PC files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PageMaker, etc. on the shared network drives and access departmental networked printers.

User should have the same access to shared directories as the rest of the Dept:
Special Instructions if any:

Research Administrative Database Access: Please indicate which database access group is needed. Select all that apply.

GRADS - Graduate School System:  
ORI - Human Subjects System:  
OSPA - Grants System:  
SIRIUS - Animal Care System:  
STAIRS - PDO System:  
* Name of requestor:  
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Note: Submission of this request will be e-mailed to Research Informations Services as well as the Department manager.

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